cocooning -A design wolf initiative

Cocooning is a product development initiative to enable your idea, concept, couture collection, pret line, brand or licence label to come alive.

generate innovative fashion

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    design wolf

    design wolf is a boutique consulting firm. We help clients generate breakthrough results using new age technologies.

    Our work helps brands shift focus from one of reacting to market circumstance to one of creating strategic advantage that fulfils goals & commitments towards the brand promise.

    We at design wolf work with brands to create "meaning" that remain in peoples memories. This work requires powerful conversations that help them generate innovation in fashion with help of our cutting edge technology.

    At cocooning for the 12 weeks I’m going to give you some tips, I’m going to give you some exercises and, most of all, I’m going to give you a little push and a nudge forward that you might not have had. You will experience a transformative journey in building your brands like many insects caterpillar emerge from cocoons as beautiful butterflies. In a safe space like that of cocoon you will get explore your brand like never before in all aspect of product marketing and merchandising life cycle.

    Jagdish Chawla

    coach, fashion growth hacker, brand advisor.